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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. continuing to follow breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case. one suspect is dead. another on the run and there is major police activity outside of boston right now. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning april 19th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> we do want to continue with our breaking news in the boston bombing case. police sealed off a particular neighborhood just outside of boston. this is happening just hours one of the suspects was killed. we are looking live here and there are quite a few reports
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coming in that they are around a particular house possibly a helicopter overhead. ktvu claudine wong is in our newsroom now. we have live pictures there claudine. i know you are watching all of the latest developments. what can you tell us? >> they are focusing in on that area. they also focused in on a reported vehicle that may be heading to the manhattan area. all of this information is coming this. and when you talk about a wide area they are talking about the entire boston metro area from watertown, massachusetts and the surrounding communities it's really a race to keep up with all of the information coming in. you have upwards of 10,000 officers. you have state police you can see on your screen there and you have every agency and feds out there trying to make sure that they track down this man they consider armed and dangerous. the one thing they have asked cameras to do and we expect the video to change is that they have asked the media boston
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police specifically they say do not show our tactical positions. we do not want the suspect what we are doing, where we are because it would compromise the safety of the officers. i know from covering these kinds of situations what you want to do is make sure you show people at home watching all over what is happening without certainly compromising the tactical operations of what officers are doing. this has been the scene in boston in that watertown area and that whole area around massachusetts since over night since the shootout began. and this chase and the search went ongoing for those two suspects. let me show you the pictures of the two suspects. this is one of them. the the one that is still alive still on the run. he has been identified as
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zohar. >> we now know that man is the 19-year-old suds protect still on the run. someone who is considered armed and dangerous. within the last hour or so, apparelly the suspects uncle who lives in maryland did tell the associated press that the men lived together near boston had been in the united states and this is new information for about ten years so it's been a long time here. there are reports on the blog that the older brother wrote he doesn't have a single american friend, that he doesn't understand them. really from officials out there the main priority at this point is public safety. that is what has caused this massive man hunt.
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they believe the man still on the run is a very, very dangerous man. a terrorist and they want to have him stopped immediately. so what they did initially they shut down the watertown area and the neighboring communities around watertown. and then really an hour ago the governor came out, the police commissioner came out and said they are shutting down all of boston metro. they shut down mass transit and schools. the scene you are looking at on your screen ha is a scene that has been playing out all morning long as officers in various neighborhoods go door to door. they try to clear the scene. residents there sheltering in place. obviously a very scary situation for them. if you talk about how we got here. let's talk about last night. these released pictures of the suspects came out at 5:15 last night. after they were released an hour and a half later there was
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this convenient store robbery. reports of surveillance video of one of the suspects in that convenience store. an mit police officer responding to disturbance ended up being shot and killed in his car. from there, there was a carjacking of a man who was eventually released and then there was another shootout with police where the first suspect the older brother tsarnaev was killed. somehow his younger brother the 19-year-old escaped that is what brought us to this moment now. again you are taking a look at one of the areas that is being focused on by police as these vehicles come in we have seen people obviously the police officers in heavy armor. one of the things they talked about with this suspect that was killed he had wounds that showed explosives exposure on him and are worried this other suspect 19-year-old will have explosives on him. obviously could be armed. they have been making their way
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around the scene in the city and they have actually been detonating other devices. you are taking a look again inside one of the homes. you see a man on the phone there. keep in mind they told everyone to stay inside. you are talking about hundreds of thousands of people and the effected areas around there with mass transit being shut down over a million people effected by this massive man hunt that is under way. at this point all we can do is track all the information that is coming into our newsroom and it is coming in rather quickly and fast and we are trying to figure out which of the areas where there is actually active activity. we are hearing a lot of activity on scanners and the scene. we want to confirm that situation before we tell you anything that is going on. they have said they just put out a warning on twitter saying please don't show any of our tactical operations when they go into a dangerous situation
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they want to make sure they don't compromise safety. if we get anything we will tell you right away. we will continue to update you here from the newsroom on the ktvu morning news. reporting live from the newsroom claudine wong. a lot of fast changing things is happening and sal is watching our commute. you have the chopper working. >> yeah we have a fatal crash on hayward. our news chopper 2 is overhead. this reportedly involved a police vehicle or a sheriffs vehicle. and two pedestrians. one has died from injuries and is pronounced dead at the scene. mission at cherry. mission boulevard in both directions has been shut down. chp is there as well. these are live pictures from the ground of the area. you can see no one is getting through. you can see the body is still there on the the ground with a tarp over it. again this is breaking news in
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hayward on mission boulevard or this is actually not technically in hayward it's unincorporated hayward alameda county. a pedestrian has been hit and killed here. we'll let you know about what is going on here while crews arrive on the scene. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound the traffic here is moderate. i want to mention westbound 24 near lafayette there was an earlier crash. the traffic is not too bad in the area but we did have a little bit of slowing on 24 westbound leaving walnut creek for the caldecott. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very happy morning. a very quiet friday morning. there is a little bit of a component of a westerly breeze. sfo has been flirting with 5- 10. compared to yesterday that is a little different direction. few high clouds coming in from a strong system. it does kind of open the door a little bit more for a westerly breeze. 42 napa airport. a lot of 40s.
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here. generally 40s to 50s. very calm conditions. the wind is not much. partly cloudy skies. it will still be sunny and nice. warm inland. probably not as warm as yesterday but close upper 70s to very, very low 80s. the biggest drop will be coast and bay. a lot of 70s around the bay. upper 70s inland to very low 80s. soft 80s as we say. 60s by the coast. patchy fog. it's out there it's not on the coast yet and warmer weather sunday and monday. especially tuesday. 6:09 is the time. this is a crazy story. 65 miss placed ballots have been found in a storage vault in one bay area county and officials say they were never counted. also the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake leads to a law in san francisco. why some property owners may have to pay thousands of dollars more. and we are following that breaking news again out of
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boston. a massive man hunt under way. a neighborhood under lock down. we'll be right back.
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welcome back time now 6:12. breaking news in the bombing case. live pictures we're looking in the watertown, massachusetts area. a lot of police activity happening right now. we're trying to follow it all. we can tell you one suspect in
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the bombing case is dead. another one is on the run. police have a massive man hunt. they told everyone in the boston area and surrounding areas stay inside. don't go to work, don't go to school, don't open businesses. stay inside. now law enforcement agencies have confirmed that the two suspects are brothers. from the russian region of chechnya. stay right here with ktvu news for more. back here at home an hour from right now runners in san francisco will start a race that will honor the victims of the marathon bombing. tara moriarty is at the ferry building in san francisco. that is where the race will start and finish. tara. >> reporter: more than 500 people have signed up to run this race and they will be decked out in yellow and blue the colors for boston to show their support for the victims. they will gather here along the embarcadero. this race should kick off
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around 7:00. they will do a big loop and end upright back here. the group has a facebook page and the twitter #runforboston. it has turned into a virtual meeting spot for a steady somber screen of users. one said i was lucky enough to finish the boston marathon and i would love to run to support the cause and run free. this comes one week after explosions near the finish line of one of the world's most prestigious races. killed at least three people and injured more than 150 others. runners from all over the country have been offering attributes. they had moments of silence, tears, and of course running. the great stress reliever a lot of them say. and this loop will be just over four miles. folks should be arriving here soon and we will get reaction from them. we will find out exactly what the route will be so we can pass along any impacts to traffic. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel
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2 news. president obama and other officials in washington are getting briefed right now on the very latest developments out of boston. ktvu kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom covering that part of the story. you spoke at the white house. kyla. >> reporter: my contact at the white house still has not said if president obama could speak later this morning. we do know the daily white house press conference with spokesman jay carney is still scheduled for 9:00 a.m. pacific. we are told president obama was briefed overnight by his homeland security and counterterrorism advisor -- counter terrorism advisors. just hours before that deadly shooting over night, the president enfierce lady were in boston. he spoke at the interface prayer service and then the two visited victims from monday's last. janet napolitano will speak at
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a hearing in 45 minutes. if that goes on as scheduled, she will give us the latest information about what homeland security knows about the boston bombing. live in washington kyla campbell. >> make sure you stay tuned to ktvu all morning long for continued team coverage. you can also get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website just look for the boston bombings tab on the front page. this morning the new immigration reform bill gets its first test at the hearing of the senate judiciary committee. the gang of eight senators unvailed the plan yesterday. it includes a 13 year path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants here in the united states. some critics of the bill says it amounts to amnesty for people who entered the u.s. illegally. the san mateo county elections officers is investigating the discovery of
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65 uncounted ballots if 9 ballots were found friday. election officer mark church appears someone put them in a closed box and they were not seen. he says there was not enough to change the election. time 16:16. we are finding out more about the fatal shooting of quinn boyer. yesterday 16-year-old christian burton was in court. no cameras were allowed but he is being tried as an adult. prosecutors say burton shot boyer while trying to carjack him in the oakland hills earlier this month. burton will not face the death penalty because of his age. also a 13-year-old boy has been charged in that shooting. so now the total number of suspects is up to six. this fall notices will be going out to certain property owners in san francisco because of a new sizic retrofit law. san francisco mayor ed lee signed the bill yesterday on the anniversary of the 1906
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earthquake and fire. it targets about 3,000 soft story buildings that could collapse in a strong earthquake. soft story buildings are those that are three stories or taller with five or more units with a garage and open space beneath. >> some 58,000 people live in them. they are buildings that contain 7,000 workers and thousands of small businesses. the city says it will cost those property owners between $60,000 to $130,000. the city and banks are working on low cost loans to help the homeowners. landlords may be able to pass some of the expense on to tenants. 6:18 is the time. we are following a horrible fatal crash near hayward. sal has the details. >> yeah it's unincorporated hayward. we are looking at pictures from news chopper 2. you can see this crash involved a few
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vehicles. there was a pedestrian that was hit and killed. news chopper 2 is showing us a couple vehicles involved here. as we pull out and show a wide shot mission boulevard is closed near cherry way. a lot of people think of this as hayward but it's alameda county incorporated. as you drive on hayward it's wide closure. mission boulevard near cherry way near hayward unincorporated hayward here fatal crash. it will be a long investigation as two pedestrians were hit. one was killed at the scene. the other was take ton the hospital. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. if you are driving on the commute to 24 westbound, that looks okay driving to the tunnel so far. 6:19 let's go to steve. sal, thank you.
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good morning. a very quiet pattern. although a little change. weak system. moving into the pacific northwest. kind of ushered in a little more of a westerly breeze. few high clouds. it will still be mostly sunny today as the bulk stays way to the north. instead of a north, northeast wind or breeze and temperatures warmed up yesterday they will back off a little bit coast and bay. 40s and 50s. san rafael 47. i did see a 44 in mill valley. napa airport is 42. temperatures are kind of stuck here. the nights are getting shorter and shorter. there is the system to the north. for us it just kind of takes the high pressure and knocks it down. it will be back. it will fire back up on sunday into monday. today and tomorrow no fog yet. i've been keeping an eye. 60s and 70s and 80s. by sunday we will bring the temps up. next week is looking warmer. cooler coast and bay. still mild to warm inland. temperatures 60s and 70s or low 80s. we are getting into that summertime pattern here by the
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coast. it does look like a slight pull back on saturday and then we turn things around on sunday and monday and tuesday even warmer. 6:20 is the time right now. several sponsors of the boston marathon are raising money to help the victim's of monday explosions. adidas is contributing all the money raised from online sales of limited edition t-shirts. the boston beer company is donating all the money it makes from a special brew. and at & t has pledged $1 million each. the money will be used to help pay medical expenses to the people that were hurt in monday's blast. time now 6:21. we are following all of the breaking news. we are watching a lot of police activity in and around boston. a massive man hunt is under way right now. hours after the death of one suspect and the second one identified as his brother is still on the loose. our team coverage will continue.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:24 is the time. back to our breaking news out of boston this morning.
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we are looking live at one of the transit stations there in the greater boston area. of course that is one of the big stories. a huge lock town basically in place where people are being told to stay inside. all the transit mass transit shut down. taxi service has been shut down as well. police sealing off the neighborhood in watertown just outside of boston. this is happening just hours after we've been reporting one bombing suspect is killed over night and now this massive man hunt for the second suspect law enforcement agencies have confirmed the two suspects are brothers from the russian region of chechnya. claudine wong is monitoring all of the latest information. developments happening from our newsroom 37 we'll have a live update coming up. time now 6:25. back here at home a new investigation of the state auditors office shows the dmv is mishandling the funding of
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the personalized license plate program. the extra money charged for personalized license plates in california is supposed to be used to support special causes like the environment or the arts. but the state auditor says the dmv has been collecting millions of there ares less than it should be from that program. >> it could be environmental purposes. or antiterrorism activities and so the funds that are not being collected are not being you know we could be using to fund the activities that we need to. >> the dmv has said keeping track on all the different funds would take a massive computer upgrade that would cost more than the license plate program brings in. organizers with the bottle rock festival in napa have decided to ease the reentry limitations following an uproar from people of already bought tickets. earlier this week organizers had said that people would not be allowed in and out of the festival. now they say people can come and go as they please.
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back over to sal. unfortunately a very serious traffic issue near hayward. >> that is right. news chapper 2 is over it. if the guys in the control room can count me out i didn't put it in there. news chopper 2 is over the fatal crash in hayward. it's actually unincorporated hayward. this is a live picture of mission boulevard near cherry way that is closed down. one of the vans you see there is the coroners van. patrol car hit and killed a pedestrian. the news vans are in the area. we'll ask you to stay away. let's move along to the sunol grade. southbound 680 traffic is off to a good start. a few high clouds. a beautiful sunrise over the big city. there is also a little component of a westerly breeze. not much of this system but it will bring temperatures down a few degrees. 60s and 70s. we'll have an update on your weekend forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you, steve.
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sounds good. coming up next of course we continue to follow the breaking news out of boston this morning. businesses, schools, public transit all shut down this morning. we're going to have a live report on the man hunt for the second suspect in the marathon bombing case. what we are learning about that suspect and his brother. we're also going to take you live to the opening bell. we'll tell you why sham moo is there on the new york stock exchange.
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looking live at the nasdaq. they are ringing their own individual bells. over on the new york stock exchange. there is the sound of the bell. the new york stock e change. we did get a brief glimpse.
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sea world is going public today. so i grew up in san diego. it's kind of exciting for me. i grew up going to sea world. going public taking all of its parks they do a lot of really great work in helping marine life and then they release a lot of them back from the wild. i found a really great picture i'll tweet it out later from some of the folks in sea world releasing baby turtles. >> that gives us a reason to smile any way and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it's a friday it's april 19th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> a lot to tell you about this morning. pictures from boston this morning. these are live pictures. a lot of police activity. police in the boston area have locked the city down and the surrounding areas. the police are fanning out across watertown, massachusetts about ten miles west of boston. during the night, one bombing suspect was killed. police are out there right now looking for the second suspect. we have live team coverage for
6:32 am
you this morning. ktvu claudine wong has been on this and gathering all the new information coming into the newsroom. but first let's go to our reporter pam brown. she is in watertown, massachusetts where that bombing suspect we believe is still on the run. pam. >> reporter: that is right. this is still a very active man hunt. we have new information just in the past couple of hours here and we have learned that the two suspects 26-year-old and 19- year-old tsarnaev. we just learned moments ago tamalin tsarnaev who was found dead this morning in the shootout that he had explosives attached to his body as well as a trigger. so we have learned that. and of course the concern now is that the other brother the suspect on the loose right now
6:33 am
j hear could have explosives attached to him. this is unprecedented and how dangerous of a situation we are dealing with right now. taxi cab service has been suspended, amtrak suspended, schools are closed. everything is at a standstill. the man hunt has been going on for several hours and it continues. >> pam brown with the latest from watertown, massachusetts. thank you, pam. there is also new information about the brother suspected in monday's attack and ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is in our newsroom now following all of this with what their father is is now saying about this ongoing search. >> certainly we are getting a lot of information about these
6:34 am
two suspects. we are hearing from family members. but right now we want if make sure we take you back out live. obviously it's still a developing situation out there as well. we are just getting tweets from fbi in massachusetts again warning media asking media to please not show any tactical information or tactical shots when you cover something like this. you can show a shot like this the officers that are standing by. earlier in the morning we did see officers with guns drawn walking toward specific homes. the fear would be if the suspect was in their home and watching tv they would see those pictures and know what the police were doing and that would give them an advantage. certainly that is what they have asked people to do. as this scene plays out across watertown and surrounding communities as they take residents in and out of their homes. making sure everyone is safe. they have said over and over again that right now their
6:35 am
priority is public safety and that is why they have shut down this area. we want to talk about the suspects right now. we are getting a lot of information. two brothers from russia have been in the united states for at least ten years. this is one of the newer pictures that we have received. this is tsarnaev. on the right side of your screen that is another picture of the one on the run. they are brothers. their uncle spoke by phone from russian. they say the son on the right there is the second medical student in the u.s..
6:36 am
such an intelligent boy. quote saying my son is a true angel. we are also hearing from the uncle of these two brothers that uncle actually lives in the u.s. said that those boys called him yesterday. they hadn't talked in a couple of years and said to him forgive me. we are not sure the context of that statement. they are not clear if they were talking of the bombings. the uncle said they didn't know about involvement. here's what the uncle had to say. >> it's crazy. it's not possible. i can't believe it. when i heard this on tv i was thinking who can do this stuff in it's crazy. again that was the uncle of the two suspects reacting this morning saying he got a call from his sister-in-law telling
6:37 am
him that tamalin tsarnaev was dead and the search was on for the other. he said he was going to a family member's house to get more information. this is a live picture of what is happening in watertown, massachusetts. we should tell you we are getting a lot of information online and from social media and varying reports. what we are trying to do for you guys at home is to just make sure we hid l that down -- whittle that down so all of the information we are getting is accurate before we put out other information. there is so much coming across. you have 9,000 to 10,000 officers out there scouring those neighborhoods. obviously the investigation is going on behind the scenes. and so we want to make sure we whittle down as much of that information. make sure it's confirmed and correct before we pass it on to you. at this point the headline is the main piracy if finding -- main priority is finding this
6:38 am
man. tam ralline tsarnaev is dead. he had explosives on him and had a trigger. the concern is the younger brother also has those devices on him. we do know an mi t officer was killed over night. there is a lot of concern of what the 19-year-old still on the loose is capable of. what we will do is continue to monitor all of the information that is coming in. all the new information we are getting about the two suspects. we will of course keep you updated. reporting live from the newsroom claudine wong. >> just to reiterate we are confirming information. there is a lot of information out there that has not been confirmed. stay with us here at ktvu all morning long for continuing coverage.
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team coverage working to confirm the accurate information before we bring it to you. any time of day you can two to our channel 2 website just look for the boston bombing tab right on our front page. we are also following breaking news right here in the bay area. the sheriffs deputies hit two pedestrians killing one of them. janine de la vega is there at the accident scene now with details on the crash and the victims. janine. >> reporter: pam, we are here on mission boulevard near cherry. this is an unincorporated area of hayward. and you can see there is a heavy police presence here. you are looking now at the alameda county sheriffs deputies vehicle that you can see is damaged there in the front. now what we were just told by the spokesman of the alameda county sheriffs department is that the sheriffs deputy he was traveling nobody here on mission boulevard when he hit two pedestrians. one man is dead. his body is still laying in the
6:40 am
street with a yellow tarp covering it. the woman is at the hospital. we were told she was hit too but she is expected to be okay. we are also hearing from law enforcement. they say they believe she was intoxicated. they were apparently crossing somewhere near the crosswalk. it's unknown at this point why that sheriffs deputy if he was speeding we don't know that. the chp is handling that part of the investigation. that deputy is a nine year veteran of the department and he is back at the sheriffs department being interviewed by police. here you can see from chopper 2 a view of the scene because right now mission boulevard is closed off from grove to medford so avoid this area. the alameda county sheriffs department told me that they are devastated over this. the officer involved is very shaken up. again he is being interviewed to find out exactly what happened. we know that there was actually three pursuited by three different law enforcement
6:41 am
agencies going on earlier this morning. because this happened at 4:00 a.m.. but we're told that those pursuits were already over. that's what brought the sheriffs deputy to the area. but they are saying the pursuits were already over so they don't believe he was part of that investigation. we will continue to monitor this situation. we know that the investigation unit from the chp will be handling this and continue to follow this on the morning news and mornings on 2. for more on traffic though and how it's being impacted we go to sal. all right janine. i want to go back to news chopper 2 and show you the closure. mission boulevard is closed. starting as far back as medford avenue and all the way down at least past blossom. one streets you can use here is montgomery street and avenue.
6:42 am
they run down past mission boulevard. parallel to this scene. you can go a few ways around this problem. but again mission boulevard. which usually carries quite a bit of traffic. people avoiding 880. this morning it's not an option for you. stay with ktvu we'll have more on this coming up at 6:41 this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic here is backed up for a typical 20 minute delay. there are no major problems getting into the city. we have been looking at the traffic all over the bay. we talked about the fatal crash. we have been looking at highway 4 coming through concord. a little bit of slow traffic in antioch. 6:42 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. sunrise over the big city those of you puttering around the house. take a look a few high clouds. make for a nice sunrise. nice tail end of a front moving through. we get a few high clouds. does that mean anything? yeah a little cooler. not a lot. it will still be in the 60s and
6:43 am
70s. but by the coast even though there is no fog i could find, there is more of a component of a westerly breeze. 40s and 50s. temperatures kind of stuck. san francisco did hit 70 yesterday. i backed it off a little bit. 66 degrees today. it's 49 and a few high clouds here. but i think the westerly breeze that system moving into the north is ushered in a little bit cooler pattern. remember water temps are really cold. upper 40s. it wouldn't take much to get fog going. system will stay into the pacific northwest. still mild for some. nice for others. but that west breeze i think a little cooler coast and bay. by sunday and early next week temperatures will come up. a little cool down today and tomorrow. mostly sunny. cooler coast and bay. still warm inlapped. probably not as warm as yesterday. it will be close. so away from the coast 70s to near 80 degrees. closer to it 60s and 70s. not much change. after that sunny side up and
6:44 am
warm, warmer and really warm. time now 6:43. a big news day. a lot happening from boston. the breaking news in boston marathon bombing case. we told you one suspect is dead. another one is on the loose. what we now know about the two suspects. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic is moving along pretty well heading up to the foster city side from hayward. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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welcome back. time now 6:46. these are pictures from watertown, massachusetts right now. the breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case during the night again. these are live pictures. one suspect was killed, another one is still on the run at this very moment after a very violent night in the city outside of boston. and there is a lot of police activity in and around the boston area as we're speaking to you now. as wii been telling -- as we've been telling you since 4:30 this morning the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing case are brothers. brian flores talked with an expert and he reminds us about the nature of the ongoing conflict in chechnya. >> reporter: yeah no question dave and no question this is a
6:48 am
very sensitive situation. for many of us when we talk about terrorism, most of the focus has been on the middle east and not on this particular region in russia. while a motive remaps unclear the two suspects are in the area which has been plagued in the past by islamic insurgencies. if it turns out the two suspects are linked to those, it would link the first time the russian conflict has spread to the west. it's unclear if they are associated with any insurgent group. what do we know about chechnya? it has over a million people. 95% are ethnic chechens. the conflict in chechnya began in 1994 as a separate war and quickly turned into islamic insurgencies vowing to create an independent state. over the years they have refrained from attacks outside of the region but there have been attacks in russia where
6:49 am
129 hostages died. a terrorism expert we spoke with said it's premature to determine at this point any connections but says nothing can be ruled out. >> they do have transnational links. there are terrorist elements in chechnya that have links to al qaeda. there are others which don't. there are islamist inspired groups in chechnya. but there is also a really, really significant mafia presence. you couldn't for example discount this is out source. >> our expert also says this is not a time for people to panic. in fact he praises the work done by law enforcement saying it's a way that identify the type of weapon used to the identifying the suspects was textbook. coming up on mornings on 2 we'll delve deeper into the suspects. back to you at the desk. >> thank you. here's a quick look at the
6:50 am
other top stories we are following for you. moments ago in texas police there announced 12 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of that fertilizer plant that blew up wednesday night. investigators tell the waco tribune they believe 17 people were killed in that explosion. the investigation of the explosion will not stop until the search for more victims is completed. also in washington the new immigration reform bill introduced by the gang of eight senators has its first hearing. homeland security janet napolitano is among the witnesses that will be testifying. a town hall meet willing be held tonight over a deadly police shooting in san francisco. police say they shot and killed 60-year-old dale wilkerson on wednesday night because he had a weapon. now yesterday the police commissioner said wilkerson would still be alive if police had used tasers instead. police chief greg suhr recently withdrew his plan to arm officers with tasers after the
6:51 am
public wanted to limit their potential use. tonight's meeting is at 5:00. workers with two bay area garbage companies are striking to show support for their colleagues out in the midwest. the strike involves workers with republic services and allied waste. so far the strike has disrupted service in san jose, fremont, and union city. the strike began yesterday. it continues to today and people in those cities that have saturday service may also be effected. time now just turning 6:51. sal is back. you and your crew the chopper you are busy. >> we are busy this morning. the newsroom is busy. obviously. what else is new? we have been looking at this crash here in hayward or near hayward on mission boulevard near cherry way and the cherry land neighborhood where a patrol car for the alameda county sheriff hit and killed a pedestrian, hurt another, and the investigation is going on. you see the coroner is on the scene along with several investigators.
6:52 am
mission boulevard is closed right now as you drive for at least a few blocks in both directions near cherry way. now one of the ways to use parallel major street is foothill boulevard. if you get yourself over to foothill you will be able to use that and it will be a much better alternate that some of the side roads. mission boulevard will be shut down for awhile as they do this investigation. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up for a 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. and if you are driving in san jose northbound 101 that looks pretty good. we've had a couple minor things going on. for the most part the south bay commit is off to a good start. our weather is off to a pretty good start. a little bit of patchy fog showing up. i knew it. a little westerly breeze coming in. so today and tomorrow will be cooler coast and bay. it will still be sunny nice. there is a system moving into the pacific northwest. it's big enough here.
6:53 am
down here we're on the southern edge of it. we just get that westerly breeze. 40s and 50s. these temps haven't changed in the last two how weres. pretty good system there. it will drag across a few high clouds for us. still warm inland. i don't think it will be as warm as yesterday. if you can wait a couple days it looks like it will be warmer. 60s and 70s or upper 70s. with patchy fog there that makes a huge difference. not much change saturday. then we turn things around sunday, monday, and tuesday. time right now 6:53. about a million people in boston are being told stay indoors this morning after one of the boston marathon bombing suspects was killed and a search is happening right now for the second one. the very latest on the man hunt and where it is focused right now. just ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
6:54 am
they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. just want to get you caught up in one is going on in the boston area this morning particularly if you are just joining us as we come up on 7:00 today. police have locked down boston in several nearby communities this morning about a million people are being told to stay inside. don't answer the doors unless it's police officers there. officers say the two suspects
6:57 am
are brothers. they are from the russia re onnear chechnya. one brother we understand was shot and killed over night in a gun battle with police. the other suspect who is reportedly a medical student remains on the run and you're looking at part of what is a very extensive search for that other suspect. sal is busy. our commit has a lot of news -- our commute has a lot of news as well. >> that is right. we had this fatal crash near cherry way and mission boulevard is closed now. the alternative is foothill boulevard. just remember that mission boulevard will be closed because of this fatal crash involving a patrol vehicle and a pedestrian and the investigation will take awhile. let's take a look at your toll plaza. that is backed up for a 10-15 minute delay not that steep. and in san jose we have been looking pretty good so far. road sensor showing pretty light traffic. let's go to steve. thank you, sal.
6:58 am
i'm not surprised but a little patchy fog has developed along the marin head winds. it will be slightly cooler but still 60s and 70s and a couple low 80s. we'll have more coming up. coming up on mornings on 2 we continue to bring you the latest information in the boston marathon bombing case. new details on the armed and dangerous suspect background and the man hunt that has paralyzed boston.
6:59 am
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